Iko Cut


Tie Dyed Workshop Top


Come shop the studio by making an appointment.  Try on Jill Aiko Yee Label, or Iko Cut.  Flexible hours, individual shopping experience.  Contact for more information.

Iko Cut (formerly called Itterations) is a workwear brand dedicated to creative women in the work force.   Its inspiration comes from women all over the world who work to earn their living:  from America, to Africa, and in the city and countryside.  Women have a heritage of hard work with their hands whether it was in the home or on the farm.  Iko Cut celebrates women from all walks of working life.  

Comfort and utility are of utmost importance, but clothing must appeal in a tactile and visual way as well because it tells the story of who we are.  Iko Cut is an expression of individuality, and only small runs are made of each design in the collection.  Limited editions insure that there is truly value in each piece.  Fabric is hand dyed to insure quality and careful treatment of dye batch.  Iko Cut is rooted in the idea that when you find something that works, you should stick to it.  Quality of fit, mobility and comfort are important in every garment.  Since these are the cornerstones of a great workwear, each piece is tested extensively.  Iko Cut has become my work uniform, so I offer each silhouette in several different fabrics. Owning it in multiple variations is a testament to it’s usefulness.