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Hello Friends!

Spring is upon us, and the world is awakening again.  This means, new designs, upcoming craft fairs, and plenty of activities to join and share.  Most importantly, ITtERATIONS WORKWEAR will be at the next Unique LA craft fair.  Unique LA features locally designed and produced artisanal wares.  It was started by a Los Angeles graphic designer turned entrepreneur, Sonja Rasula.  She's grown the company State of Unique to include craft fairs in New York, and San Francisco as well.  It's a great feeling to be part of a national community that focuses on local.  The last Unique LA was a blast, and I hope to see you at the next one.  Fact:  nearly 23,000 people came to shop the event last December.

May 11 & 12
11am- 6pm

Located on Fl. 13 of The California Market Center, 110 East 9th Street, Downtown LA link above clicks through to directions, show freebies, and pre sale tickets.  Tip:  there is a line to buy tickets if you wait until the day of, so buy them presale.  Stay tuned for information on my booth number, and a contest for winning a new spring outfit.


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Video Profile

Have you seen new fashion blog the Breathless?  It's written by young LA native, Lauren Garroni.  She's a bit mysterious when it comes to self description, but I can tell you, she has a developed eye for fashion, and a strong opinion - two things people in the industry appreciate when it comes to expertise.  She shares her dry humor, and insider views sparingly, two more things to love.  And did I mention she was nice enough to profile ITtERATIONS WORKWEAR Studio?  Click the links to see Lauren's blog, videos, and a glance through her lens.  

Arts Festival Benefit, Saturday

Daylight hours in spring should be filled with beautiful activities enriching your mind and body, wouldn't you say?  This Saturday, 27 April, local dance companyMashUp is hosting a dance concert in Griffith Park to raise funds for arts in education, and the Girls Scouts of America.  Featuring  a performance by the all women contemporary dance company, as well as local magazines, artists, food, and raffle.  Suggested donation of $5 won't break the bank, and helps little ones learn about art.  Please come and support this worthy cause.  Friend and artisitic director of MashUp, Sarah Rhodenhouse has poured her creativity into this performance, and it shows.  Click the links above for performance location and more info on the company.


Have you been an Assistant?

I met friend and writer Lydia Whitlock through Whitney Bickers, owner of Myrtle  boutique.  Lydia was a hollywood assistant for four years... until the day she got me hired to film a jeep commercial.  Yes, that's right.  The same day we shot the commercial, she was fired by her very jealous hollywood boss.  Why?  because she had become more successful than him!  Isn't that a Hollywood story?  First her blog became an underground sensation, then she got a book deal, then the book was turned into a TV pilot, and then she was fired from the job that inspired it all.  Please support her new career as a freelance writer by clicking the link  above!


New Designs in Studio

The rack in my studio is starting to fill with prints, trims, and textural garment candy you can't resist!  Some of it is on the website, and as always, more is available if you come visit.  From tees, and tanks,to twirl, you'll find something for any spring event.  Call or email for an appointment , and check back on the site for updates in the coming weeks.