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Jessica Comingore X Jill Aiko Yee

Hello Friends!
Jessica Comingore is back at the Jill Aiko Yee studio: Jessica is an LA based designer, photographer and lifestyle blogger who has over 5 million pinterest followers and has been featured on the Huffington Post among many other publications.  She has returned for a second collaboration after the first sold out in just over a week.  The second collaboration of the Essential Blouse is a limited edition, and is Available now!
Photography above by Jessica Comingore

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In designing the Essential Blouse, we used Madder root to dye it naturally.  As with other natural dyes like indigo, Madder color is flattering on every skin tone.  It's soft rich color brings out blush tones in women dark to light.  

We worked with master textile artist Graham Keegan to do this. Graham dyed each blouse by hand in his Echo Park design space.  They vary slightly in color, making each unique!
Photography below by Graham Keegan

graham keegan jill aiko yee madder

Going to an Art Show?

Express yourself in the new Gallery Wrap Dress. It's simple, flattering shape will have you elegant all day.  This romantic silhouette easily goes day to evening, 

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Midday Mimosa, Personal Styling and Silk?

Our new office is around the corner from the Ace Hotel!  Make an appointment for a styling session with designer Jill Aiko Yee

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Graham Keegan X Jill Aiko Yee

If you love owning something no one else has....  Graham Keegan and I have been at it again with our ongoing design collaboration.  He uses his wizardry to dye fantastic pieces of silk.  As soon as they get to studio I design a top just for that piece of fabric.  The result is a one of kind piece that won't be replicated.  Make sure you check back every week in the webstore.  We post new items as soon as they come off the iron.  What's more, these dyes are low impact on the earth, and all of the fabrics are obtained locally.

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Most Referrals Ever in December 

Thank you for continuing to make my dreams of being a fashion designer come true.  December 2014 was the biggest sales month in business yet!  I could not be here without all of your support and referrals.  Much Love, Jill