December '16 Newsletter

1000 Thank Yous!

Thank you friends for an amazing and beautiful year in fashion, and for helping me sell over 1000 items this year.  I'm So grateful to everyone who has come to events this year, shopped online, and come to studio visits.  The most rewarding part of what I do is working with customers, and other creatives to make experiences and memories.  
Much love, Jill

Last Shindig of 2016

For Everyone that still has gifts to get, and anyone that wants to hang .... we're having mulled wine, a party vibe, artisanal wares, and fun times.  Graham has invited us to his studio for drinks, dyeing, ice cream, plants, and friend time.  Join us for an end of season get together.  I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you that can come.  This will be a laid back Saturday afternoon block party, and if you've never visited the magic wizardry of Graham Keegan Dye Studios, now is the time!  

Saturday, December 17
1 - 6 PM
Graham Keegan Headquarters
604 N. Occidental Blvd
Los Angeles 90026

street parking on the block, or around the corner

* Wares from: 
 Hannah AndersonMeryl Lebowitz, Echo and AirYasmine Floral Design, Maury's BagelsSweet Rose Creamery, Jimmy MarbleCapricorn Press, and Jesse Chamberlin*

15% of my sales will be donated to Preemptive Love Coalition - a non-profit offering medical care, shelter, and food to the people of Aleppo

Air Bnb Experience:  The Cutting Edge

Last month, Air bnb launched Experiences, a new way to meet local city experts, share interests, and tour behind the scenes.  Fashion friend Jordana - designer of Echo and Air - and I put together a fashion and design tour to share our expertise. It's been amazing for us to be part of the development of this new program for the past couple of months before launch, and we have so much to share about the world we design in!

This tour makes a perfect experiential gift for someone interested in fashion - we discuss fashion forecasting, how collections come together, and all kinds of funny fashion faux pas, as well as visit the work space of other fashion experts.  There are two tours in January, so check out our dates, and please spread the word! 

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