March 2018 Newsletter

Lou and Grey Jill Aiko Yee

Dear Friends!

It's nearly spring, so were welcoming growth and possibilities of this new season. Saturday we'll be in Pasadena at Lou and Grey store curated by Eastside Handmade.  Come see all new pieces!  Including hand painted Super Moon Sweatshirts, and a brand new up-cycled tee shirt project. If you want dibs on these one of a kinds, please stop by.  Offering 20% off purchases Saturday.  We're joining friends Tome Ceramics, Clau Leather, and SJO Jewelry too!  Mark your calendar, and save the image above, and you'll have all the info you need.

Check out new pieces in the webstore including a restock of the popular Airy Dress in Desert Bloom that previously sold out.  

An inspired profile of collaborator and artist Dani Schafer is up on the blog.  How is she so prolific? She shares photos from her studio and meditative process.  

On the note of growth and possibilities, I'm excited to announce joining the board of Los Angeles Design Festival.  It's been a fun ride the past two years hosting LADF at the studio, and helping curate programming last year.  As a board member I'll continue the mission of showcasing LA as an international destination for design.  We're assembling the best festival yet in June!  If you're curious about contributing, let's talk. 

xx J

Supermoon Sweatshirt
Supermoon Sweatshirt
Supermoon Sweatshirt